Marathon Updates Part 2

Everything is progressing nicely towards the 4th Annual Poetry Marathon! Introductions are now going up on the blog. The Facebook group is active.

If you signed up for Marathon and have not yet heard from us, you should have, so please email us at and we will get backĀ  to you as soon as possible

Due to some (now resolved) health reasons we are pushing back our second round of sign ups to the week before the marathon. We will be open again to applications from the 8th of August through the 9th! We hope if you were not able to sign up before, you will be able to sign up during this second round.

6 thoughts on “Marathon Updates Part 2

  1. Have I finally made it this far? Hoping the post works so I can stop feeling such pressure as the calendar pages whip by and the big day gets closer…or am I, once again, in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

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