Like Rain


Love comes down to choices

Much like the choice of being in the rain.

Rain – can seem soothing or threatening.  It’s always important, a force to be acknowledged.

When it comes you never know how intense it will be, no matter what you’ve heard, until you experience it.

You look out and suddenly you’re faced with choices.  You can’t stop the rain but you can choose how it affects you.

You may choose to stay inside and miss it altogether.  Live where it’s safe and never get wet.

You may choose to adorn a cover.  Go in put stay protected from all that it can do to you.

You may choose to just go out into the rain.  Fully experience the torrents and just get wet.

If you choose to get wet you again have choices.  How did it feel?

You can choose to be overwhelmed by the wet and cold that you have to live through.

You can choose to be embraced by each drop, taking joy in the nourishment that it gives everywhere it falls.

And if you embraced the rain, you may then choose to go out in the rain again and again

Until it fulfills the promise to make you grow

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