Black Vibes

Holding space as women of color to share, love, and support one another.

Watching our children laugh, create and play.

What more can I say?


It’s a vibe with colorful currents in our airway.

A melody only my sisters can play.

Men of color your vulnerability is at an all-time high.

A refreshingly pleasant reason to just smile.


Watching you grow, embrace, and shine.

Say it one more time.

This world is mine.

It’s a vibe full of unity and truth.


I finally see you in all your blackness.

The beauty it holds and the passion it invokes.

Brilliance enters as you step in the room as the energy moves.


It’s a vibe a rhythm worth more than diamonds and gold.

The greatness recognized in self.

Aware of our connections and the power in our reflections.

I see you paying homage to our ancestors.

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