Recipe for Sanity

Recipe For Sanity


This cookbook won’t put up with none of your self-centered archaic antics.

Its recipes have a zesty tang to remind you that nothing exists but here and now.


After all, haven’t you spent enough time doing what was expected?

Why not add a spoonful of cayenne even though you don’t like heat?


Life would be boring if it all worked out exactly as planned.

Why not stand on the edge of a cliff and twirl as fast as you can, eyes closed.

Then take a step forward.


Well – you’re still here – so I guess it worked out.


Your reward is to be Michael Jordan about to shoot your biggest shot ever.

Millions are watching. You are in the ocean with waves lapping at your knees.

All you have to do is throw this big ol’ basketball and hit the water that is all around you. Can’t miss.


But what if a hurricane rages into your face just as you let go and blows that ball onto shore so you lose the game and dejectedly walk away amidst a medley of boos that drift into your marrow.


Can you realize that there are things bigger than you?


Can you accept that everything doesn’t always work out the way you planned?


Well… if you can… then you are ready to bake this cake.


It will only taste right if it is infused with love.

The kind of love not meant to make you feel good about yourself.


A love that is a form of art nonexistent until right now.

That’s right…something new.


And you are not creating it.

It is creating you.


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