When I Can See Inside of Me



When I Can See Inside of Me


Foggy morning clarity

seems therapy of prosperity,

pales and runs away to flee

when I can see inside of me.


But truth be told I only see

that which is in front of me

as if it’s real and tries to be

foggy morning clarity.


When I can see inside of me

I push away this vulgarity

cut all the trees like forestry

within my melody of irony.


Seems therapy of prosperity

is a hidden form of tyranny

that comes bereft of warranty

when I can see inside of me.











4 thoughts on “When I Can See Inside of Me

    1. Hey Amy,
      I just emailed you from the link…but just in case it didn’t make it…here it is posted again…

      I appreciate the positive feedback!
      I can barely keep up with writing all of these poems and coming up with different voices.
      Bravo to you for looking at others!
      Just out of curiosity…where do you live and are you doing the half or full marathon?
      Good luck on the rest!

  1. Thanx Caitlin!
    This may have been my favorite…certainly one of my favorites. And…I never would have written this poem without the prompts…It must be satisfying to know that you are nudging poems out of us by coming up with challenging and interesting prompts. Yeah to the magic of the spoken and written word!

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