What to Write

Hello, poets and poet-wanna-be’s!

I believe I fit better in the latter category, but in my opinion, we all do in a way.

When I think of poets, I think of flowery words and famous writers from past eras. Of Emily Dickinson. Edgar Allen Poe. Shakespeare (even though I associate plays with him more so). Sometimes I wonder, with all the words that have been crafted – across calm AND chaotic waters – in all hours of the night in all the years since we’ve been able to put our thoughts on some kind of physical medium… I wonder if there’s anything left to say.

I don’t know if there is anything new, but as you can see, that is not going to stop me.


My name is Hayley Davis. I recently graduated from college¬†so I’m one of those adults now with a degree that should help me in the real world. In certain¬†ways it hasn’t, and in some ways it already has. Mostly so far I’ve gathered that I’m definitely still a student, though not in undergrad anymore.


So here’s to the lessons I’ll be learning for the rest of this year, this month, and this marathon. And thanks for being a part of a piece of my journey.

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