You Asked Me

You asked me

What I would say if didn’t see

you tomorrow.

My day would be full of sorrow;

I would feel pain inside

like the receding tide

ripping the sand away . . .

If I didn’t see you another day.


If I didn’t see your bright eyes

I’d walk shrouded, disguised

Hiding the hurt, hiding the shame

by not calling your name

Just one more time . . .

Pretending everything would be fine


I would replay every day in my mind,

and I would hope everything was fine.

Did I show you care and understanding?

Did I treat you the way He has commanded?


If I didn’t feel your faith each day

I would ask God why he took you away;

I would know He had His plan

But still I wouldn’t understand


But you are an angel of today and so many tomorrows


I see the beauty you have now

The sparkling eyes, the beautiful smile

Your faith, your love, your heart

I see the hope for your tomorrow

And in that place, there is no sorrow

No pain,

Only sunshine breaking through the torrential rain


You will spread peace, faith, hope, and joy;

But above all else, you will spread love!

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