Elegy of Adam and Eve

My Lord, My God! Why have you forsaken us,

Our life’s worth celebrating, but on this beautiful paradise island,a disgrace stole our peace.

Please Lord,forgive my beloved wife Eve, I know you can forgive us.

Why death of shame was her verdict, you Satan’s my rival, you Eve, why you betrayed me, you tempted me to commit sin too.

Why O God,Why, we became weak and sinful, O,God,Eve lost her senses and tempted by Satan’s lunatic schemes. Why you fooled us,Satan, Why,

Our world collapsed,embarrassment creeping our naked body, trembling.

Why Eve, how come you were blinded by Satan’s amorous lust, why,

Now, broken hearted and we have nowhere to go,the Paradise Island has been cursed,

Lord God! How could you?




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