thicker than water

Pardon me!” he yelled into the phone. The guards looked on.

“Jimmy! Cool it. Of course, I will. We’re blood.”

How are you going to do it? When are you going to do it?”

“Try to have a nice day, okay? I got you.”

And he did.

Jimmy, the felon, and Henry, the governor, were united again.
All the kin were at the mansion to welcome home the fallen sibling.

Henry, at the head of the table, raised his glass. “You’ve got something to thank me for, don’t you brother?” He winked at Jimmy.

Thank you for what? You got me into this mess. If you hadn’t.. “
Henry cut in, “You all will have to excuse me and my dear brother here.”

Out on the veranda, the brothers talked it over.
Henry smoothed out his ego. Jimmy unrumpled his pride.

The were brothers after all. Partners in crime.

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