Cinderella Poem 8

Oh Cinderella

You cleaned house so well

Now you sit in a castle

Making others unwell

You once were a beauty

Covered in poverty and soot

But seriously honey

Your life needs the boot

You whine and you cry

Like all rich folk do

So tell me woman

What happened to you?

Prince Charming my ass

He’s a womanizing whore

He plays you like poker

He always wants more

You pillage the land

Wearing platinum and silk

What happened to the soul

Of someone born in your ilk?

Oh Cinderella

Remember who you are

You one had a heart

You once were a star

Go play in the mud

Put some dirt on your face

Go scrub a floor

Get out of that place

Go have a dance

Spit on a sister or two

Forget this princess stuff

Get back to you!


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