Hour 17- Broken Heart

I awoke from the dream


I called to Bear

He came to me

He held me and I sobbed in his arms

I dreamed he would leave me

He promised he would not

And the feeling subsided

There would be two more dreams

Dreams where I walked alone

My heart breaking

But continuing on

Bear hating me in the dreams

Not speaking except in anger

The feeling so familiar

So remembered

From the grade school friend at 10

To my first official boyfriend at 13

To my broken marriage

Broken friendships

So many more goodbyes

Than I could count

The death of my grandparents and my parents

Death of my nieces and my nephew

A trail of my own tears drowning me

Haunting me at night as I slept alone

Remembering I can always survive

I always do, I always will

But the destitution

The crumbled walls of loneliness

They haunt me

I know the goodbyes are inevitable

Hearts get broken

People leave voluntarily or not

It is being haunted

By goodbyes and angry memories

The ghosts hold me in chains

I try to break free

But they always come back

I will inevitably end up alone

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