The Road Less Traveled


I listened to you Robert

I did, you inspired me

I took that path less traveled

That road to no where

I have holes in my shoes

I have no house

But I can appreciate a nice sunset

Or the way the wind whistles in tandem with the palms

It did make all the difference

I am a poet Robert

I can say that

I can

Maybe not quite of your genius

But I have a small genius of my very own

I could have gotten married

Had small children

Gone to college to studied botany or airplane repair

But I took the road less traveled

The overgrown one with snakes

I have gotten lost in the meter

Gotten poison ivy from too much alliteration

I have slunk away slowly from a dangerous haiku

I blame you Robert

I do

That road less traveled

It means services are pretty far in-between

You may run out of gas

You might not have a hamburger when you want one

You may have to settle

For cuddling up with a warm notebook

At three in the morning

I know you were trying to be inspirational

And Bob, you were

I listened

I heeded your challenge

I tripped down that road and never looked back

Just one thing Rob, one small thing

Could you at least have left a map?

Written a sequel?

Helped me navigate some?

See I am on that road

I can’t feel my way

I can’t see the trees or the forest

The Road is now a tiny path

The overgrowth is menacing

I don’t have a machete

I’m scared Robert I really am

I took the road less traveled

I owe it all to you.

Now I need you to help me out

Come back for me Robert.


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