Blessings of The Morning-Poem #10 from Prompt by Ingrid Exner

Sky breaks through the morning clouds

bestowing healing Light,

Bathing Lands in beams of heat

And energy just right,

To strengthen crops, all animals

And even you and me-

this Blessing of the morning

was meant for all to see.


At this time,

in early morn

I bend my head and pray

Thankful for the many gifts I have

From day-to-day!

From eyes that see the beautiful hills

To ears that hear the stream

I am blessed with these wonderful senses

That allow me to live my dream.


Capturing the natural Beauty

With camera in hand,

I venture far and wide

For pictures of this Land.


To celebrate its glory and,

Sing its praises too,

Today, I am writing this

especially for YOU!



Ingrid Exner, 2016





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