Poem #12- Final Poem Half Marathon 2016 by Ingrid Exner-“ My Canoe Companion and I”

The first time that I saw moonlight

by canoe

I was awe-


Spread out before me

on a black watery cloth,

lay jewels of sparkling Light.!


I was amazed

by the bright light

cast by the climbing moon

and mesmerized by the watery Lake,

turned molten black.

Absolute silence

created a void


Of Beauty

And Peace!


My Canoe Companion

carried a spare flashlight in hand,

While I wore my headlamp attached to

The brim of my cap.

We paddled in silence-

Enjoying our companionship and

the silence of the lake-

silence only broken by

the occasional cry of a nearby loon-

a true symbol of summertime on a northern lake!


We continued to paddle in silence-

highlighted by the glow of the moon

Surrounded and swaddled

by the nearby canopy

Of birch and cedar tress,

My canoe companion and I.


Ingrid Exner, 2016


5 thoughts on “Poem #12- Final Poem Half Marathon 2016 by Ingrid Exner-“ My Canoe Companion and I”

  1. Thank you for this constructive comment Vijaya- agreed, lower caps…thank you…I was also thinking of changing this poem a bit more…adding more alliteration in places and maybe editing with more but soft rhetorical devices. Thanks again!

  2. very nice description of the moon on the water. A bonus to enjoy the trip.
    You might consider marking the verses more clearly because they have completrness in selves;
    What is a watery lake? There are dry lakes….

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