(ix) Have you heard the mountains cry?

‘Tis loaming and an ill-paced sigh
sobs adumbral patterns in gloom,
and rising from the crags on high
a heart-rending sepulchral cry,
as an echo, whimpers to its doom.

From the magma-ocean, mantle plume
rising to cool this febrile core,
as a surge of verse, parsed-pantoum,
like some drama enacted sans costume
wells up in eyes – rolls to the floor…

One thought on “(ix) Have you heard the mountains cry?

  1. I really love the imagery and the comparison of mountains to poem/poetry. There are so many beautiful lines in this poem …so much imagery that keeps the reader spell bound by the intense descriptions and then the mood is changed, in a light hearted way, by the humour. Beautiful-well done. I enjoyed reading this!

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