Whack the talk….


The subject used to be the tag-line for an older, now defunct,  blog on rediff.com. I would like to start writing again and am looking for an excuse to do that.

The time difference will be something to watch. Also I am in the Middle East and we traditionally work on Sundays.

Should be fun 🙂





5 thoughts on “Whack the talk….

  1. The time issue is hard. There is no way to make it work for all time zones. But it can be a lot of fun – I am not on ESD but my shift is not nearly as dramatic . Hopefully you can find the time between work. I know that one of my friends the first year managed to attend a fair and a wine tasting and still completed the challenge.

  2. Hello! I was just reading your poems. I will admit, they’re not easy to understand, seeing that you use very unusual words, but I enjoyed them nevertheless.
    I couldn’t help but notice that you’re Middle Eastern. Where from? I’m Lebanese!

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