What am I supposed to call an introduction?

Hello! My name is Jade, and I am writing the full marathon. I discovered the marathon a few weeks ago while scrolling through FaceBook – and decided to join just after the first application opportunity closed! I am very thankful that there was a second one!

I love to to write poetry and am inspired to do it for many reasons, ranging from admiring the beauty of nature to processing my emotions to philosophizing on life to celebrating the people I know. I hope the challenge of the marathon wills kickstart my creativity. To prepare, I’ve recruited some friends to help me stay awake. I suspect we’ll be watching a lot of Netflix, and I hope my poetry doesn’t all develop a Doctor Who theme as a result! It’s times like this that I wish I had a laptop, as that would make posting throughout the day much easier, but such is life. As for what else I’ll do to prepare, I’m not quite sure – it will certainly involve caffeine.

I look forward to reading everyone’s poems! I’m also excited to share my own – my poems have been purely personal as of late. It’s been years since I wrote poetry for any sort of audience. Good luck to you all, and may the best of your creativity shine forth!

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