Eye of the Tiger Marathon

Eye of the tiger
nose of the elephant;
the whole thing is just a circus,

and I the 17th clown out of the car
with pockets full of balloons in wait
and shoes too big to crawl out of the looking glass
you threw me through
when the show began 24 hours ago

only to close now,
though surely not forever more.
But no more now.

Show’s over.
Sleep calls.
any louder and I’ll never
get there.

So there you go,
and I go.

The end.

5 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger Marathon

    1. Thanks.
      I LOVE the idea of putting together a book of us “80s Kids” or even 70s… are we the kids of the decade in which we were born? we went to elementary school? high school? If you have something in the works, or want to, let’s be in touch!

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