Cosmic Twelve

Church bells chime longest, resonating fullest at hour twelve,

reminding us to pause, gather, or simply look up.

Cinderella’s slippers remained enchanted come midnight,

allowing her escape from servitude and despair.

Childhood’s year before thirteen marks a bittersweet passage

from innocence to responsibility.

Stars guide our actions with zodiac signs ordered

for each year’s passing phases while

We embrace symbols of ourselves

in Asian astrology. 

Such is the Cosmic Order of 

1X12, 2X6, 3X4 with logical, progressive complexity.

Do we blindly judge and blame in a fearful Witching Hour

In our juries of twelve?

Universal patterns pale to the power within us.




6 thoughts on “Cosmic Twelve

    1. Thank you, Donna. What struck me as I wrote this is how many actions and behaviors we attribute to forces outside ourselves yet refuse to account for when we hurt others. I do not think this is my final idea quite yet.

    2. Hello, Donna,
      Thank you for this feedback. I’m sorry that I missed it two years ago. I’m still figuring out how to navigate the technology. Are you participating this year, too? I hope you’re reading this just before the marathon begins for you.

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