Everpresent Yet New

Patiently we wait and watch you Jan, 
as you step over your papers and books, 
piled neatly until they fall over. 

We are by the windows where you promised 
hours of meditation, windows opened after 
new summer rain has made way for sunshine.

Candles with floral scents, 
soft purses with crayons and pens,
greeting cards for faraway friends: 

We wait and watch you move through
each day. Up so early yet wanting more
sleep, you ignore your inviting pillow. 

We watch you worry and tumble into task
after task. The phone rings even now, and 
you take on the new responsibility. 

5 thoughts on “Everpresent Yet New

    1. Thank you, Skay. I’m learning so much from these fast prompts, and only now — a few days later — can I return from my busy life and revise and catch up on communication. What are you considering for the anthology?

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