Pandemic Staycation 2020 Half-Marathon Hour Two

Take one morning, sift lightly

and walk past silent houses, glistening dew, and twittering birds.

Add one glass of orange juice, accompanied by a dandelion

Gulp and think of next hours.

Open the windows and doors while the sun fills the sky.

Add the chores of childhood, refreshing and earnest.

Mix in one salad or sandwich or soup at midday,

the same ingredients contributing to each all week.

Add an hour of reading encyclopedias, cookbooks, long-kept magazines

and lower to a simmer, leading to a nap.

Gently check after 45 minutes, and slowly remove to a windowsill.

Check the breezes, watch the passing clouds, listen for dogs.

Finish the salad or sandwich or soup from earlier.

Let the evening sun quietly set.

Summer Vacation: 2020



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