by the McDonalds at the TKTS ticket booth in Times Square

To others, it only housed the tourist information booth in NYC
but to me, it was the building that housed my dreams.
If you ever want to be in a Broadway show, first you have to audition.
And get picked.

Nearly every day I’d go to audition and wait on the lobby floor.
A never-ending, exhausting process.
I got to know the security guards and other actors.

They talked of doing renovation
And we all wondered if it would really happen.
There’s a lot of “talk” that never happens.

This past July, we had a cool “sky lobby” on the 4th floor
where we can patiently wait until the Equity office officially opens at 8.00.
Like in life, the sooner you get there, the sooner you get an appointment and can head home.

I feel like we’re on a movie set.
I wonder how many tourists have never been there
nor do they wonder about our lives. All us working actors you can’t name.
To be fair…
Do we think of them?
More feelings flutter to the surface.

Regardless of structure or design, buildings can sure house a lot of emotions.

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