Elegy continues … with L.A. sunshine stirred in …

Is history re-written?

Buy booze but not new boots.
Liquid creativity, she claims.
Her choices are a map indicating her true north.
Is her compass cracked or perhaps she is geographically-challenged?

She awaits the half summer light.
Swallows more white lightning, but holds Time in a bottle.
Maybe she’ll buy new sandals.
Or booze and go barefoot. It’ll be summer, after all.
She reads others’ work and makes a new resolution.

Positive space is sometimes as important as its counterpart.

The next page opens to sand on a beach.
To what and to whom does one say no?

Caryolyn Forche‚Äôs poem Elegy (from the book angel of History), “The page opens to snow on a field: boot holed month, black hour/ the bottle in your coat half vodka half winter light./ To what and to whom does one say yes?”

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