Something’s broken alright…

Such gentle, soothing words.
When I first heard this song,
he was Cat Stevens.
9/11 meant a day on your American calendar. (Europeans would write 11/9)
No genital mutilation.
No Sudan refugees. And so many horrifying political situations.
No reality TV. Imagine a world without KarTrashians!
How I miss those days.

Do I miss those days enough to trade:
The Kings winning the Stanley Cup
The Good Wife and Man Men and The Bridge and (the list goes on…)
google and all things internet (GPS and memory cards and flash drives)
digital cameras and plasma TVs
the Smart car
iPhones and iPads and iEverything
to get them back?

Would turning back time mean losing my personal amazing memories and experiences?

When I listen to the song again, I hear the meaning of the refrain:
Praise for creation.

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