Skipping on the milky way with my red and orange shoes

My new red and orange shoes, shinning in the bright sunshine,

still smell of shop and credit card transaction.

bought them for a cousin’s wedding.

But I like them, red and orange,

glad I am not a bridesmaid.

I will be able to coordinate the shoes and wear them to my heart’s content.

Red and orange, a dress, a hat, a handbag

and what to do with my hair.

Those shoes are the stuff dreams are made off,

they make memories for a life time.

The perfect match,

I couldn’t really afford them.

But I wear them all the time now,

They are so me,

they fit,

We are the ideal match.

I run and I skip,

I am proud and happy with my red and orange shoes.

I wear clothes to highlight them and put them to their own advantage.

Red and orange,

shoes and one day I will have to discard them,

cant think of that moment now,

Too difficult,

Will I wear them for my cousin’s wedding

No id rather skip on the milky way wearing them.

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