Hour 8: We Need.

‘We need to be here’, said my ex-husband’s new wife.

‘Can we come in? It’s been a long drive.’

He mentions the house, a quarter his, looks nice.

“The kids put the lights up”, I try to surmise.

“Your mother around?” She’s in Greece, I reply,

Wiping my hands on this apron of mine.

“The stress was too much; she needed to go.”

“So just you then,” says New Wife. She seems a bit slow.


“We need coffee,” he says; I guess this is my cue

To go to our kettle and bring them a brew.

The clock’s echoing tick in the hall strikes three.

He stands slightly in front of her and looks at our tree.

“How much did that cost?” he asks all of a sudden.

I say nothing back and look out at the garden.

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