Hour Three from the Fish

It looked tasty so I wrapped my mouth around it.

When I tried to swallow there was a sharp feeling in my mouth.

Then a pulling sensation.

Then a massive lurch forward.

It felt as though my lips were being ripped out of my head.

I tried to resist but the more I struggled to swim away the more painful it was.

I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t breathe.

The bright light I only ever saw through the shimmering shield of my watery home was suddenly all I could see. I desperately wanted to close my eyes but couldn’t because I don’t have eyelids.

Then, I was flying for the first time in my life. Flying above my home with empty lungs. Flying like those creatures I often saw above me.

When I hit a hard surface I was grabbed by the hard hands of a big monster.

It ripped something out of my mouth and I screamed. I don’t think it heard me.

You don’t want to know what happened next because it involves a long sharp object – and being gutted and skinned alive.

It was very unpleasant and I died from agonising asphyxiation.

That was not a very good day.


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