Hour Twenty – Musical Words

Tiptoeing on broken glass

I hear the laughter

I see the smiles

I smell the tears

There is an elephant in waiting

and a mouse in mourning

twisting the remnants

of triumphant repose.

Glazed edges sense oblivion

carved by the hands of crime

tranquil empathy

engineered compatibility

tests of courage and of blood

cannot stem the tidal mass

inherent in truth

succulent in agony

triple bypasses bypass the bypass

electric fences feed the wireless generation

and no-one knows where they are anymore

the elephant sighs

the mouse cries

the end is nigh

is night

and day is cause

for celebration

Possibilities prey upon loss

loss preys upon catharsis

there is no truth

but truth

and terror cannot divide

the understanding

of fallacy

Trembling tongues

speak to banter of a quiet nature

trees felled

in orchards are felt

in paddocks

across the sea

as the elephant smiles

and the mouse inflates itself

to meet the challenge

of survival.

Trained monkeys are watching you

as the source of all knowledge

claims another life

in another place

in a separate time

tracing the logic

of counter-logic

terraces of fear built

in a wasteland of guilt





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