Goddess of the Seas (first hour)

Her senses are tied to the roots of the trees

She sways her hips like that of the rolling waters

Her body illuminates the darkness that envelopes me

As I float there in the frozen waters, I watch as she pulls the moon closer to the terra and listen to her stormy songs of the night sea

Every creature of flight, every cricket, every grasshopper and frog adhere to her serenade and sing along in glorious harmony

I fall low into the depths of their song, my body lets go as I sink deeper into the dark blue sea

This mother of Earth, this Goddess of the lake with her golden robes and indigo feathers reaches out to me

Her arms reaches for mine, as we touch I am struck with the strength of my sisters, thousands, pulling me up and out from my briny deep

I was submerged with all of mine and the world’s icy cold tears

Drowning within all of the lands’ murky fears

But this Goddess of the Sea, my sister in arms, with all of her Earthly possessions saved me from inner harm

She gifted me her force

She gifted me her songs

She gifted me her beauty

…her form…her intense silence of the night

Her cries became my cries

Her tears are my sacred waters

Inherently, I am she

the Goddess of the Earthly Seas



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