Homeward Bound – Hour Twenty-Four

As I cross the bridge over the river, I know I’m almost home
The changing leaves, their colors bright as if to welcome me back
The two lane roads, the Amish buggies, the fields that span for miles
The air so crisp and clean, I’m blessed to be homeward again
I miss these moments far from life, far from the maddened crowds
Away from the bustle and the perils known as city life
Back home, things move a slower pace, a better pace for me
Where thoughts flow freely without fail, nothing to halt their voice
I miss the days of butter churning and apples bobbed for fun
I miss the times when life was free and I was very young
It was indeed a simpler time, but one that makes me glad
When I return and thus, reflect on the good times I had

2 thoughts on “Homeward Bound – Hour Twenty-Four

  1. Very good poem. I grew up in Amish country in the 1960’s in Lancaster County, PA and in 2nd grade went to a one room school with them. We all long for the simpler times. Your poem expresses this well

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