Prompt One–9 am

I thought i was going to have trouble with this one–my freind callled last night and asked ot be taken to hospital to see her ill husband at 8 instead of nine–so this prompt is safe, but I will have issues with the five ¬†o’clock prompt since I have to go and pick her up then. Of course, on a rainy day here by the shore and with my friend’s health issues looming, I answered the prompt with two short poems.

Prompt one 9 am Write a poem in which the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) play an important part.


Today’s sky is full of wind and water.

Forcefully  attacking the earth

Happily quenching small fires in

Nearby woods

Quenching also the fires of my ambition

I will stay home and read today



Earth, wind , fire, water

Which element is out of synch

In my friend’s body

As he looks out

Of his hospital window


Rain attack the ground

Wind move the trees

He feels life’s fires smoldering

Only his hope and will

Left to rekindle life’s spark

From sheltered embers.

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