Jody, Phrase Florist and Poetry Marathoner…well, halfy-thoner.

As a multi-genre writer, I dabble in all sorts of written word creations from the artistic to the technical, mundane to elaborate and business to poetry. However, of all of the genres I’ve penned, poetry has seen the least of my attention, thus far. This year’s poetry marathon is my chance to turn that around!

Seeing as I’m a mother, wife, horse/dog/cat rescuer, freelance writer (with impending deadlines), assistant to two editing conglomerates, and will be in a critique group on Saturday from 9-noon (already obligated before I knew about this event but, yes, I do plan to drop poems while my fellow writers are reading their pieces – shhh, don’t tell), I think committing to a “halfy” is all I can do for this year. However, I wholeheartedly plan to come back next year and be ready for a full.

To prepare, I’m buying a thesaurus app for my phone, planning on doing about a fifteen minute¬†stream of consciousness each morning between now and Saturday – to get my creative juices flowing, and I have reserved my favorite hammock (the one by the creek in the wooded section of our 18-acre farmstead) for a three hour slot in the afternoon. I’ve also put my husband and daughter on “mommy will be in crazy artist mode” high alert for Saturday…with a day of rest and recovery planned for Sunday.

Huge thanks to the organizers of this event and I can’t wait to add Poet Marathoner to my bio!
Trail Magic Ivy Tree Hammock



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