It only happens in the dark,
fragments of thoughts lose breath,
the voice of undone tasks relents,
filaments of the day break off to
tumble in freefall, rest begins,

but that’s when we intervene,
grasping at things we need to release,
sleep eluding us while the brain
stokes the coals and fires up
to keep us alert when the body
slumps in exhaustion.

A disordered file of what to keep
and what to let go of churns
virtual pages of notes jotted
in margins of books, on pay stubs,
in banks of computers in our brains.

Why do we have such a hard time
letting go of the day’s crumbs,
leftovers that will be stale
by morning when we will still
be awake and groggy?

Imagine the things we release
piled a foot high, the burden
gone from our brain, trash can
packed to the lid and put
at the curb til morning. Now
see the small satchel of things
we keep, zipped and stored
under the bed until we need them.

Disorder reordered… sleep.

~ J R Turek
June 27, 2021 Hour 16

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