The Desire To Be Truly Loved

Hour Twenty-Four (had to repost because I accidentally deleted the original that was posted at 8:44 am EST I had a horrible case of the dumb)

It’s not so much about the carnal
the jutting hips
and softness of breast
and the iron ripples of
a well-trained stomach.
It’s not about the bulging
muscle and sinew
or the physical
as looks are oft apt to deceive
and change over time-
as a lifetime is quite short
but rather long in it’s age.

It’s not about what is offered
in dollars and sense
of style and popularity-
nor the welcoming embrace of
my partner’s friends
and whether or not their approval
is a cause to question
the worth of a relationship
at face value from a biased standpoint.

It’s not about what can be gained
in the physical-
but the spiritual
and what can be cherished in heart-
it is the elevation of souls
as we work as a team-
never one above the other,
but he is willing to lead
and view life through a clear screen
tossing aside the rose-colored hue
that muddles the view of reality.

Some like their partners
like paper dolls,
carved out and cut
in specific form to remain as that
but what I desire is fluid-
a liquid love to quench my thirst
from a well that never runs dry.

I desire to be the only one he sees
without concern his eyes would catch
upon the fabric of another pretty face.
I desire to be held and cherished
valued as a woman,
safety and comfort, a necessity.
I desire a man who will
rise to the occasion
and gently guard my body and heart
like a sentinel –
ever watching and aware-
protective and respectful of
the boundaries set in place.
Slow to anger, quick to forgive
patience for our highs and lows
as the journey of life
ebbs and flows-
and with every disagreement –
coming together as equals
instead of portioning out complaints
to ears that feed division.
And he’d remind me in every way possible
my value to him-and I, he respectively.

If this be you,
with an oath to remain true
and you see my imperfections and flaws
as beauty marks instead of
a stain and offense upon the eyes.
If you can love me without conditions
without a trace of a second guess-
If you can desire only my hands and lips
and tender kiss-
If you can remain true and chaste
promised only to me…
If you can accept the whole of me
and everything in between-
and are respective to my wishes
and dreams without pressing,
encourage the balance
between both our needs-
prove your devotion through
costless thoughtful gestures-
far richer than can be purchased,
and if You love God
more than you love me,
then perhaps there is a future
for you and I-
and gladly I will bequeath to you
the very best of me.

3 thoughts on “The Desire To Be Truly Loved

  1. Oh, what lovely promises. You have some great priorities articulated here. One of my favorite passages (though, as I continued reading there were others) was:

    “view life through a clear screen
    tossing aside the rose-colored hue
    that muddles the view of reality”

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