Being, patiently #14

I saw him, old and bent
Waiting patiently
Or so I thought
On the park bench.
He explained
When I asked
What he was waiting fot
That he wasn’t waiting at all
He was just
Being, patiently
Not being patient at all
Because being parient
Was doing
And he was just being
Pariently, without hurry
Or the dusruption of thought.
I apologised
For my intrusion
He laughhed
And said
That I didn’t intrude
Nothing could
He was me
And I he
Just like birrdsong
And barking dogs
And the crying child
And the roar
Of the passing bus.
I smiled at his madness
And went on my way
And I learned
To see the oneness
In a sunrise
And now I know
Why he smiled,
That it was me
Who was mad
Not to see
The old man was right
All creation is one
She is me
And I am she.

2 thoughts on “Being, patiently #14

    1. Thank you so much Mark. If you like it please feel free to take it. Once shared I like to think of my wee poems as belonging to anyone who reads them. Thanks for the encouraging words 🙏

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