Visual (hour 7, 3:02)

You really had

to be there.

When stars collide,

the resulting dust

and collected mites,

formed us.

Imagine the lines between

the loved

and the hated.

Imagine them crossed,

and blurred.

This is the beginning.

Right before the end,

it began.

Hating spiders,

and loving a man

whose arms are everywhere.

He weaves webs of silken words,

and you are trapped between the lines.

He whispers into your ear,

as his tongue caresses

each word,

and they slip in,

one thrilling word

after another.

It’s a visual,

you had to be there.

Your self promises

versus your virtue.

Ahhh, but the words;

the words wrapped round

my spine,

and I could not move.

It is the glory of time,

that for the most part,

we will always have


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