A Poem Puzzle

A Poem Puzzle

Our Words


little               seem        dance               our

        whispers          to              across             air

lonely                try          hide               empty

             we              and           words               thoughts

but                catch           fling           precious

          don’t             don’t            our                   little

sounds         stay             linger            lost

            say            and                but                they

are               you              me                until

     reclaimed         lost             only                 then


(Little whispers seem to dance across our air.

Lonely whispers try to hide across empty air.

Lonely, we try and hide words, empty thoughts.

But we catch and fling words, precious thoughts

but don’t catch, don’t fling. Our precious little

sounds say stay and linger. But lost they

are. Say, you and me. But until they

are reclaimed, you lost me. Only until then.)

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