What we Need

Politicians drone on about what we need

with smiling popularity contest behaviour.

We must vote for them, they convincingly plead,

we need their leader to be our saviour.


What we need isn’t a dapper smooth talker.

Maybe he wears t-shirts and sports a goatee.

We need a leader who fights for our corner

and treats us all with respect and dignity.


Who we need won’t charge us for water

or dish out contracts without a care

crushing our protests with the hounds of the law,

further swelling the coffers of one billionaire.


Who we need won’t accept business predation,

won’t accept banks charging for being poor,

will put nothing ahead of his population.

No such politician ever knocked on my door.


To those in power a little reminder.

You should remember, ‘cos we won’t forget.

What we need really is a saviour,

and what we need, we haven’t found yet!



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