Hour Three


Sunset of life, but the dawn
of a new day.
She says she is six, but she’s really
She says she’s playing dress-up with
Sister, when really
she’s getting her gown tied
up in the back.

In her mind’s eye, her world is
beautiful and bright.
Truth is… her
Room’s painted gray with
charts on the walls.
She and her neighbors, exchange
clothes in the halls.

On Monday, she’s baking cookies,
and muffins of oats.
On Tuesday, she’s teaching a classroom
of thirty.
On Wednesday, she’s traveling abroad
with her team.
On Thursday, she’s sixteen,
in a uniform brown.
On Friday, she’s fifty–speaking
on stage.
On Saturday, she’s fishing with her dad,
by the creek.
On Sunday, she’s kneeling at
the altar to pray.

And now, by His
Grace, is eternity’s day.

© 2017 Kathleen J Kidder

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