Behind Him or infront of Him
He sees through
Even the darkest abyss!
Even sheol lies plain before Him
How much more
The human heart!
No secret is hidden before Him—–

He sprinkles His sweats on the lost
To feel the morning dew!
Once you stepped in like a boss
And stood still not in dismay
As strong as a rod-
In your own eyes
But I say you were lost!

If you would now hold the torch
And see not to stumble at a rock
If you would now love the law
And take the cutlass and follow
I say you are His weapon!
Wise were they not
So did they fought–

They welcomed sin
And became her dogs
Elevating the owner to buy ’em for a song
Though ignorantly!
But I say,unless you come to Zion
You are lost!

Healing checked! Miracle checked!
But the innocent soul’s sins
Are left!
And can’t be unchecked too
Unless the grace
Descend from above!

Oh! But the innocent soul
Also still eagerly seek salvation
I say! Unless you come to Zion
Where The Originator dwells!
Saving ! For only there, sin flees!
Just by the twinkle of an eye

(C)2015 All Copyrights Reserved