poem #5 ASAASE PA (Good Land)

( ‪#good_land‬)

She opens her mouth wide
To swallow every seed
O’! The land of my birth!
This land brings forth ”bankye” na ”bor3dze”
To silence the intestines
At the last hour

Colour green elevates her fertility
And so cultivation lick
her belly infinity!
She give souls the energy–ability to walk boldly
Under the sun with gentility—–

Render agriculture impotent
And lives would be half-baked!
For when a pen can’t roll
In the palms of some souls
The cutlass
Fill the belly to the brim on the land!

O’! Asaase ber!
You welcomed our great grand fathers
To sip from your face!—–

At last truncated the hunger of the village
When currency was far from home
Now you serve the nation as a whole
For your products call the papers
To bring back home greater income
That makes you and I
Enjoy the show!

(C)2015 All Rights Reserved
Kofi Acquah