Sometimes I don’t understand

Why I didn’t realize as a child

That the house I lived in was haunted

The windows, always the windows

I was terrified of them

Something was watching me in the woods

I made my parents buy me thick curtains that were never opened

Nightmares of faces scared me in the night

The woods I had grown up in,

That had raised me

Felt dangerous

And I had no idea why

Creaks in the night

Windows, so many windows

Burning at night with something unholy

When I was a toddler, so I am told

I woke screaming of demons in the air

Attacking me, swooping down to me

When I was a pre-teen, my fear of the windows drove me to my sisters floor where I slept for half a year

Something was lurking in the dark

Step outside children

And feel the cold creeping up on you

You are being watched, always watched

Your mother feels it too

This land is cursed

Only this house, built by your father, protects you

Come out to play children

We are waiting




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