Hello world

My name is Ksenija. I come from the capital of Croatia. My whole life is about writing. Ever since I remember, and it all started at 6 with first days at school, I’ve been doing nothing smarter than devoting my life to writing. Unfortunately, having so much behind, does not mean I am a successful author yet. All I am facing on regular basis are rejections and more rejections. After a dozen, I stopped counting. Some publishers say I am too complicated for them and others take it easier to put it aside after ten pages. As for my professional calling, I am an engineer of the laboratory medicine. By now I have worked on poetry, haiku, plays, novels, scenarios, quizzes, reality shows and two strategies that I have presented the president of the Euro Parliament in Brussels, on how to eradicate world poverty and increase the unemployment. Guess what, the president’s secretary gave me kind rejection.

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