Introducing LadyOfPoetry

Hello Fellow Marathoners!

It is a privilege to join this unique challenge. I am Shaunton, a creative writer, poet, and blogger. My passion as a writer grew when I was in high school. During those years, I wrote poetry as therapy. Over the years, I have written and recited poems to enlighten special events such as weddings, funerals and private parties for family, friends, and former colleagues. I am able to listen to a brief story about someone and write a poem as if I totally understand their emotions.

If I could describe my poetry in three words, I’d say it is INSPIRATIONAL, POSITIVE and EMOTIONAL. Although each writer has his or her own style, I always enjoy reading and/or listening to other poets. I look forward to reading as much of your works as possible. I hope to enjoy this experience.

Best wishes to each of you!



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