The Great Wall of Chocolate #22

The Great Wall of Chocolate,

not far from ‘natural wonder’ status,

resides in my home,

the making of a six-year-old.


When my colleagues found out,

they insisted I invited them home,

and when I declined themĀ politely,

they invited themselves over anyway.


What is this Great Wall? you ask,

well, it happened that my daughter,

had a curious habit of sneaking chocolate,

from the refrigerator as soon as she learnt to walk.


Of course I didn’t find out until,

one day the babysitter called at work,

and reported that there was a “huge monstrous chocolate maze”

in my basement.


Fearing for the mentality of my babysitter,

and the safety of my daughter,

I rushed over to be greeted by a cunning daughter,

and a slightly dazed baby sitter, who insisted I terminate her services.


Of course, my daughter is all grown up,

and in college now, but the tale of the Great Wall of Chocolate,

(which my daughter says was built by a tribe of aliens as a religious monument),

still lives on.

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