Eleventh Post: Ten


1: Meeting

We met over ten years ago,
Very different people,
Not knowing this was the beginning
Of our greatest journey.
We met, and then, we had to leave
But too late
A die had been cast,
Our lives now entwined.

2: The First Year

We have been a pair now
For almost 10 years,
Starting as two separate people,
Slowly edging together,
Becoming one married couple.

At first we fought against it,
Used to our independence.
But the call of fate was stronger
And we moved, unknowingly, to its tune.

3: Year Two

Days turned to weeks,
And months to years,
As we spent more time together,
The distance between us now an obstacle,
Rather than a nice distraction
Against going too far, too quickly.

4: Year Three

By now we knew,
This was real,
And so combined our lifes.
One flat, two copies
Of favourite books and CDs.

5: Engagement

On my birthday, you proposed,
High above the earth
As we glided on the London Eye.
Joyful tears with a backdrop of rain.

6: The Big Day (part 1)

Nothing ever goes quite to plan,
And this was some arrangement.
We rearranged the seating thrice,
For everything just right –
Even found the perfect vases
For lilies in purple water.

We wanted something personal,
With poetry and prayers,
And friends and family around us,
In a ceremony we had planned.
A string quartet the final touch
For waltzing down the aisle.

To be the centre of attention
Was a lot of fun,
We felt very loved
And very proud,
As we showed off shiny
New rings.

7: The Big Day (part 2)

Then followed a party,
With some unusual picks
On our wedding music list
And some more classic hits.

With an Jewish dance,
Where I was twirled round and round,
I laughed so hard
When my feet hit the ground.

The food was delicious,
The cake chocolate and rich,
And everyone had fun,
All said and done.

8: Honeymoon

Breath-taking Alaska
On board a luxury cruise-ship.
With just one small problem –
At some point, we had to leave!

9: Afterwards

Is it different, everyone asked,
As we returned to the same flat,
The same jobs, same lives.
Yes, I had to reply,
Unable to stop smiling
At my brand new husband
As I tried the ‘h’ word out,
For the twentieth time that day.

10: Ten

Ten years it’s almost been
Since you entered my life,
Changed it completely,
For the better.
Now I know who I am,
And I am your partner,
Your wife, your equal.
Your soul-mate.

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