Introduction to Laura

So, I’ve signed up to write a poem every hour on the hour for 12 hours. I (along with all of you lot) must be mad! I am, however, totally ready to face the challenge of this poetry-thon! I am 29, recently married and in the process of gaining residency into the States. I have spent the previous 8 years in countries other than that of my home country, working, travelling both solo and with my sister, and also with friends, experiencing weird stuff and meeting, getting to know, travelling with and eventually marrying my now-husband. I am sensitive, an empath and life baffles me. I have had many types of jobs but my favourite for some strange reason was picking fruit. I’ve found meaning in my travels and hope this is just a small pause and that I can continue on seeing the world a little later when I have some small children to cart with me! I believe in the law of attraction and I use it every day to keep positive and manifest all the good things I want into my life, it’s been going pretty well. I am adventurous as all balls, I love bungee jumping, sky diving, rafting, pot holing, caving, surfing, snow boarding, trekking, fire poi, hitch hiking, I believe the list goes on and on… I lived in a van for four months and a tent for a year and a half. I also shared in a 60 bed working hostel for 6 months. That’s where I met my husband.

I have a degree in social studies and youth, I want a masters but I haven’t quite gotten around to doing that yet, best I’ve done since I graduated is a TESOL in Cambodia, where we ended up living for 3 years. I’ve also lived in Thailand, Australia, England, New Zealand and now the USA. I have flown twice around the world, seeing Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, Wales and The Gambia. I love this life and feel so special to be able to participate everyday in such a crazy reality.

I am a big fan of nature and national parks. Waterfalls, rivers, forests, lakes, animals, man, I want to see it all! My ultimate goal right now is to see the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australius, I mean I’d happily see both! Anyways, can’t wait to see what everyone has got for the 13th! All my love. xx

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