This Basement Window


This basement window
Allows a glint of light
Through its high narrow strip of muddied glass.

It’s well before dawn now
I can smell a skunk sauntering past the yard
Which is why my hound has been, well
Hounding while I wrote all night

Darkness past that pane
An overeager cock crows too early
And a neighbor stews him in disrupted dreams

My view just a line of chain link and indigo
The sky’s the limit if I can keep from
Impaling myself on the way

What I see though as I gaze through this window is a path to the
Future, paved in words
My reward more days just like today (adding only
A better idea of where the next mortgage is coming from and
Means to fix the roof):
Ensconced at my desk in this quiet subterranean cave
Embrace a challenge get productive
Practice aikido play tickle with brains
Nap in a dog pile and
write, write, write.

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