Emotional Impairment


He stands defiant, a child without Hope
Everyone cares and no one is Kind
He’s alone, untrusting of Compassion
Demonstrating his artistic Rage
Lonely child full of Hate
Home is the comfort of other’s Disdain

Awaken by Disdain
Devoid of Hope
First to Hate
Keeps to his Kind
Full of Rage
Lack of Compassion

Show him Compassion
Free of Disdain
Calm his Rage
Show him Hope
Please be Kind
Reframe his Hate

We deserve his Hate
We expect Compassion
Him to be Kind
We show Disdain
And squash his Hope
While feeding his Rage

Igniting his Rage
Fueling hisHate
Killing his Hope
And Compassion
Promoting Disdain
Of his Kind

He tries to be Kind
Dampen his Rage
And Disdain
He buries his Hate
Tentative with Compassion
And Hope

Teaching him to be Kind, releasing his Hate
Letting go of Rage to make room for Compassion
Converting his Disdain into great Hope

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