The Boat Ride

A light breeze cools the hazy summer sky.

Green, choppy waters dance a lively two-step with the small fishing boat

As she heads out into the lake.

A new rod and reel to count how many feet of fishing line are let out

When trolling for walleyes.

Trolling takes patience and a brightly colored lure

No fish yet.

Why isn’t there a bobber?

We aren’t bobber fishing.

How about jigging?

No. The lure does the work.

Another pass. Another.

I look at the houses of rich people,

Thinking it’s funny they have to wash all those windows

So they have a clear view of me

Waiting to catch fish.

Big boats slam the waves,

Smacking them and pushing them towards us.

A couple of snags and a small rock bass.

Oh, and an old lure caught in the weeds.

Heading for shore.

No fish today.

Only a boat ride.

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